###Q: How do you start a JS win10 uwp ​​app?​ A: It starts with a default html page (no CSS needed) and a default JS file. The JS file has boilerplate code to initialize the app and get the basic controls running.

###Q: How do you add a page?​​​​​​ A: -PageControls- are 3 files (html, css, js) and should go in their own folder in the PAGES folder:

  1. pages / home / home.html
  2. pages / home / home.css
  3. pages / home / home.js

###Q: How do navigate from page to page?​​​ A: Program the links to run

WinJS.Navigation.navigate( "/pages/page2/page2.html" );​​
WinJS.Navigation.navigate(location, initialState).done();​​

###Q: How do I layout items so they fit and scroll like a native app A: With custom CSS3, using things like flexbox or height: calc( 100% - 20px ​)

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