Windows has a fast-startup option which makes it hard to boot into bios.

I stroubled [sic] to get the tablet in to the boot menu for a while until I found info on this forum:

“If you have the Windows 8 Developer Preview installed, you will not be able to boot up the bios screen the normal way, as Win 8 has a fast-startup option that overrides it.” so find the “disable fast startup” option.

If this helps just one person it is worth it. That person might be me.

To Disable the fast startup in windows:

  • In power options, “Choose what the Power buttons do”
  • Then click “Change settings that are currently unavailable”
  • Then scroll down to to the shutdown setting and disable fast startup.

Then you will be able to use the documented steps to get to the bios.

  • Power button + windows button at the same time.
  • Then press F2 when you see the cursor.

If you do not press F2 quickly enough it will boot into Windows.

Remember you will need a usb drive that has been prepared to be bootable, not just a iso file on a drive.

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